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November 25, 2018



So that Dwight Howard, huh.


There is nothing wrong with being gay especially in this day and age.


Except if you go in front of me to check my body out like I am some sort of tasty empanada.


I may be built like an empanada… but you can do better as far as “taste” go.


With that said, Dwight Howard is in the news for allegedly getting outed by his ex-boyfriend. Apparently, Howard and Masin Elije – the alleged ex-boyfriend – had this thing of going to sex parties and what not.


First up, Dwight Howard started the season with a butt injury.


Second of all, I mean… this is shocking but because it’s 2018, we need to grin and just bear with it. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine said that a couple of models from America’s Next Top Model are transgenders. I once attended an event where I saw two men kiss each other and I thought for sure they were straight. Neil Patrick Harris is openly gay and he came out awesome playing notorious ladies man Barney Stinson.


Shock value yes.


But I guess that’s about it.


But yeah, there’s that thing about harassment.


Now I guess I don’t know what the hell this is about… other than it’s just batshit nuts. I guess the first thing Elije should have done is to file a charge because it makes him more credible. Right now, it’s easy for a person to shame a celebrity but I have seen more famous celebrities survive this predicament.


Here alone we have guys like Calvin Abueva and Terrence Romeo. We can call them names but at the end of the day, they will still do their jobs with insane savagery.


I guess we need to hear about this more?


Just kidding.




Get Sydrified.


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