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November 21, 2018



I don’t like what I’m seeing right now in YouTube.


I’m currently in love with Just Kidding Party and the channel’s three main stars – Geo, Bart, and Joe are out indefinitely to write a movie (and become a full-time mom). Also, Defy Media just destroyed the tranquility of Smosh and Smosh Games. I was binge-watching Maricraft when I caught this! I know they are going to bounce back from their predicament but while they are still bringing in fresh content… I don’t really like how some of their guys are putting content sans the glossy feel.


Also, I’m still angsty that Adam Blampied had to leave YouTube. 


Also... Troydan reacts was cool! 


But here’s the thing – maybe this current YouTube Ad-pocalypse thingy is the right time to create new channels.




Get Sydrified.



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