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November 12, 2018



I was never a comic book guy.


It’s due to financial constraints though.


How can a soft comic book be that insanely expensive?


Anyway, I thought Archie was funny up until high school…


I almost have the entire Pugad Baboy collection.


I do however know a lot of Marvel. I wanted to own a lot of books but thankfully, I have nice rich friends with vast comic book collections who are generous enough to lend me their comics provided that I won't ruin them. They also had trading cards in which you compare the heroes through bar graphs. 


I remember having a X-Men versus The Acolytes comic back in the day and I always shipped for Gambit and Rogue when I watch X-Men: The Animated Series.


Also... Spider-Friends! 


Death is inevitable and I guess it sucks that cultural icons like Hugh Hefner, Stephen Hawking, and Stan Lee are now in the other realm. As far as nerds… or in the current landscape, manly things, they are kind of… up there.


I never knew I needed to know about Guardians of the Galaxy and there was a time I wanted to collect X-Men and Excalibur comic books because Meggan, Kitty Pryde, Firestar, Polaris, and Psylocke are my childhood crushes.  


And Squirrel Girl.


Stan Lee green-lit Squirrel Girl. 





He’s awesome.


I guess apart from that silly superhero show that I won’t Google, his hits and misses turned out well in the long run. At this point, we get the rationale behind his most famous characters. Black Panther for instance, commanded attention even in the political landscape. Ant-Man and Deadpool are unique twists we never knew that would work.


Even The Fantastic Four.


And what about jumpstarting the current Marvel Cinematic Universe we hold dear with a superhero that never really had that big of a following?


Iron Man?!? 


Who knew! 


But Stan Lee knew!


Of course he did.





So for all the trading cards I bought when I was a kid in which you compare strength, speed, endurance, agility, and fighting skills… to making closing credits cool and much-awaited… to making oneself a neat Easter egg. You may not be the one who thought about it but none of the things we have now could be here if you didn't become the greatest figurehead there is. 


I guess I'm still in my childhood. Maybe I need to hunt for Marvel Trading Cards or better yet... find an old 90s comic book of the things I never thought I needed. 


Like The Dark Phoenix Saga! 


Anyway, thank you, Mr. Stan Lee for giving guys like me awesome shit.   






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