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November 1, 2018



Derrick Rose just scored 50 points… and this is not an April Fools’ Day prank.


It’s on Halloween Night though.




But seriously, this happened against the Utah Jazz and for a Minnesota Timberwolves squad who for some reason, lost a favourable margin at the start of the fourth quarter. Not to discredit Derrick Rose’s beast mode but… whatever happened to Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins? I mean… isn’t this the reason why Jimmy Butler is not playing back-to-back games?


Anyway, the last time D-Rose had that kind of game was in 2011.


After all his struggles and how people saw him as a MVP at 25 and an afterthought at 30, I get why this is such a big deal. This is not the Derrick Rose of old… because his legs aren’t as awesome as it once was. But holy shit though, did you see him crossover and shuttle pass for a freak triple? How about Rose circumnavigating the court to fake Rudy Gobert en route to a flip shot? And while yeah, Jimmy Butler is in my fantasy squad but I would rather have the Wolves trade him so D-Rose could flourish. As far as leaders go, he brings out the best in his teammates. As a player, he’s not going to emasculate his teammates since he doesn’t have enough leverage to act like a dick.







The most important thing about Vintage Derrick Rose is that hopefully, he’ll rub this on the youngsters.


And in some ways, even to Butler… if he manages to stay with the team this season.


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