Huli Na Ba Ang Lahat | Moira & IV of Spades

October 15, 2018



Wish 107.5 converted the goodness of NU107 to mainstream attention.


And this is beyond the alternative rockers and the indie rock bands. The Wish Bus became an outlet for forgotten singing contest winners and Youtube sensations.


You know… actual singers with actual talents.


Such is the case when Moira Dela Torre and IV of Spades teamed up for Acer Philippines’ Acer Day Celebration. The event is a well… celebration of music – because these days, digital tinkering (I am saying this positively) makes things awesome and lasting. I still remember when it was a big deal when Pepsi made that TVC in which Michael Jackson was singing alongside his Jackson 5 version.


Or how about Natalie Cole did a duet with Nat King Cole?


Inasmuch as I hate electronica as well as R & B singers who abuse that annoying hot garbage known to many as “autotune”, digital re-mastering is the bomb.


So if you’re a fan of Moira’s ear candy and you’re really a fan of OPM’s bounceback with Zild, Badjao, and Blaster at the forefront, then you’ll surely love the chillax vibe of this song.




Get Sydrified. 




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