Seattle hates Elias... and apparently wants their Supersonics back | Sydrified

October 2, 2018



So I love cheering for Kevin Owens because he wears the same attire I wear whenever I go to the beach to swim.


And after a forgettable stint on NXT, man has Elias transformed into a Grade A douchebag. I mean, he gets the right violent reactions from the crowd even if we hardly see him perform his finisher.


So here’s a video in which they touched a nerve.





Backstory – the Seattle fans hated the notion of their Seattle Supersonics moving to Oklahoma City. Up to this day, they plead for the NBA or any NBA squad for that matter to either increase league membership or return to the Key Arena. They still remember the times when Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton used to team up and straight up destroy the opposition. They still regard Jack Sikma, Gus Williams, Spencer Haywood, and even Nate McMillan in a different light.


They are still angsty as hell… as seen in this clip.


I hope their passion would re-ignite the possible return of the Seattle Supersonics. As it stands, the closest franchise to fold at the moment is the one in Sacramento.


Like the people in Charlotte, Seattle rejects their Oklahoma City team history. As of this moment, they are preparing their city for a possible NBA squad but until then, it’s awesome to see them this angsty and probably that pissed off whenever Kevin Owens and especially Elias return to the city.


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