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September 25, 2018



It just dawned on me that I haven’t written any pro wrestling bit in my blog.


So here.




Brie Mode has to be one of the worst noises in pro wrestling today. It’s worse than Melina’s scream… and it’s definitely more disturbing than any Roman Reigns’ promo… at least in some instances. But yeah, the only reason I want to see Brie Bella on my television screen is when she just poses… while Daniel Bryan gives out his promo.


But hey, Brie needs to stand out. The Bella Twins are getting the opportunity to shine in the Evolution PPV just a few weeks away and the last thing they need is a PPV full of clunky remnants that poised the Women’s Revolution in the first place.




So much for drawn out intros.


So here’s a video on why Daniel Bryan’s signature move is not for everyone to use.





Corey Graves sent off a “woo” during the live play-by-play after the Yes Kicks arrive on to Morgan's body and cracked her head. Sure, Morgan kicked out of the pin attempt and she should be commended for trying to end the match, it however left a visibly distraught Brie to think of ways to send her back to her corner. You can see Brie talking to Liv while dragging her and you can actually hear Brie telling Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan that she needs to go out.


This is pro wrestling and while every outcome is pre-determined, the path to said outcome is nutty as f*ck. I agree that wrestlers need to be safe because that is the only way for them to get ring time. With that said, this is not the first time a botch of this magnitude has happened. Billy Kidman botched a shooting star press on Chavo Guerrero while Brock Lesnar botched his own shooting star press move. If you hate Brie Bella, then you might as well do the same for Goldberg when he stiffed Bret Hart – causing for the latter to prematurely retire from the sport. Ditto for Sasha Banks and Samoa Joe respectively for ending the careers of Paige and Tyson Kidd respectively.


And what about the late Owen Hart after he pile-drove the neck of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the mat?


I know… her song is cringe worthy and her spot could be given for the development of let’s say… Ember Moon or Asuka for that matter… but accidents happen.


Just like that Brie Mode song.







Get Sydrified.


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