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September 15, 2018



I am a huge Buzzfeed Unsolved fan (especially True Crime) so getting this new Sports Conspiracy season even without Shane Madej… is cool. Being an armchair jock is awesome. I can write sports and well… I can do this without the physical effort.


Anyway, Michael Jordan is considered to be the greatest basketball player of all-time (OH YES HE IS) and apparently, his association with gambling lords caused his retirement. Now I know about James Jordan and that alleged baseball deal to cover up his suspension but the one with Eddie Dow is kind of shocking.











If this is true, Jordan is awesome for betting on himself. Through the years we have heard of players suspiciously getting insane amounts of money for losing their games… and Jordan is supposedly betting to people that he’ll win. He’s awesome! I know he’s insanely competitive and had destroyed a lot of careers in the process.







He is also considered as one of the greatest trash talkers to ever play the game. So yeah… of course his mouth will lead to something crazy like obscene amounts of debt… and perhaps a hit?


The one qualm I have about this episode is the little mention on James Jordan after getting the gambling debt reveal. When I was kid, I always thought the thing with James Jordan happened because of the mafia. Now I don’t know if they tried another narrative but as mentioned, Michael Jordan retired from basketball after the incident.


But I guess yeah… the Space Jam thing had everything to do with Jordan’s retirement as I can see Swackhammer as a mob boss. 


Here is the link for the Buzzfeed Unsolved episode. 








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