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August 30, 2018




Russell Westbrook recorded 25 triple-doubles last season.


You’d think getting double-digit counting stats is easy… but no.


It’s not.




But there are players who make this feat effortless. Karl-Anthony Towns getting 68 double-doubles… Andre Drummond claiming 62… DeAndre Jordan having 46… and Clint Capela producing 42… are doing DDs like it’s just another day in their sweaty, sometimes blood-soaked, office. Hell, Dwight Howard – a guy who comes off as immature and lazy, had 53 double-doubles last season!


But yeah, there are guys who just couldn’t buy a break. Thing is though, they have all the opportunity to get a double-double. They play an insane amount of minutes… they get most of the game plans… and it’s not like we have ten Reggie Millers on this list.


But Miller is a 3 and D guy in a time when players aren’t as well-rounded now. Back then, it’s dumb for a power forward to lurk around the long distance area and it’s equally insane for four shooters to play simultaneously.


So yeah… thanks a lot, Dirk Nowitzki and small ball.


So here are the ten players who never had a double-double in last season’s regular season. There are some guys on this list that had a DD in the playoffs. But since I am going to use this article for fantasy basketball purposes, having great numbers in the playoffs is kind of pointless here.


Anyway, to make the list, the player should have played at least 45 games in the 2017-18 NBA season. This eliminates guys like Kawhi Leonard, Gordon Hayward, Mike Conley, Zach LaVine, Danilo Gallinari from a mention.


Game starts now. 







Now Kyrie had one double-double game last season. However, you’d think he’ll have more as a playmaker who could either pile on the assists and perhaps the defensive rebounds. However in sixty games, Irving only got one. In fairness, Terry Rozier also had one double-double… but that’s also the game he went on to grab a triple-double. Other stars who only had one double-double are CJ McCollum, Jamal Murray, and Andrew Wiggins.


So there.







So Austin Rivers is kind of like the watered down version of Steph Curry – given their dads as well as gameplay. And hey, Curry could be in this list if you think about it… given that he’s a Top 10 Fantasy Player and the only player from that tier to have less than six double-double outputs. But yeah, Rivers failed to claim a double-double last season… and it’s a step back for the Clips who were used to Chris Paul anchoring Lob City. Rivers barely missed the mark on April 7, 2018 when he had 10 points and nine assists against Denver. With Rivers getting traded to the Washington Wizards, I doubt if he can assume playmaking duties with John Wall and Bradley Beal in the mix.





In 81 games, Josh Richardson never had a double-double. In three seasons, J-Rich never recorded a double-double. Richardson once had a game in which he drilled seven triples and stole five possessions last season… but a double-double magnet he is not. The closest result that kind of resembles a double-double happened on October 21, 2017… when he had 12 points and rebounds as the Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers. Still, you can’t discount the fact that for a 2015 NBA Draft mid-second round pick, he is a Top 100 Fantasy Pick.    





If you play in a team where you have Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin loitering in the paint… looking for a pass, then assists would come easy. Right? RIGHT?! In 45 contests, Reggie Jackson was unable to put up a double-double. This is insane since R-Jax had 13 double-doubles two seasons before. Hell, in the 2014-15 NBA season in which he spent time for both the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Detroit Pistons, Jackson had 15 double-doubles and two triple-doubles! While yeah, Jackson recorded 13 and 10 assists last season… he failed to reach double digits.   





There was a time when people thought Kent Bazemore is going to be heir apparent to Joe Johnson’s awesomeness. Bazemore came in a time when the Hawks had to trade Johnson to ease their salary cap and to his credit, he delivered. But when Paul Millsap, Al Horford, and Kyle Korver went to different teams, Bazemore just… played. It’s not like he turned into trash but he wasn’t a goldmine either. And the incoming seven-year guard however failed to notch a DD last season… that could have been the third of his career. Technically, he is still the face of Hotlanta especially with Dennis Schroder going to OKC. But he should brace the sophomore season of John Collins as well as the additions of rookie Trae Young and combo guard Jeremy Lin.





Okay. So I made a list unfair to the 3-and-D guys… so check this website out as I preview the players who never made a triple last season! Probably next week? With that out of the way, Splash Gordon had eight triples in a game last season. He had four other games in which he had seven triples. Rebounding is a completely different realm for Gordon as he had five or more rebounds last season in eight-out-of-69 games. But at least he almost had a double-double on January 8, 2018 when he was an assist shy of accomplishing the feat against the Chicago Bulls. Like I said, this list is unfair to 3-and-D guys.





I guess having Redick on this list is a given… since you’d rather have him beyond the arc than inside the lane fighting for missed opportunities. Still, the incoming 13-year guard is capable to bring his game up a notch. Out of 70 appearances, Redick grabbed five or more rebounds eleven times and had five or more assists 14 times. On the verge of turning 34, Redick has yet to record a double-double since entering the league in the 2006-07 NBA season. For those asking, that’s a total of 760 regular season games.





Nikola Vucevic is still with the squad which could limit the productivity of both Aaron Gordon and Mo Bamba… and DJ Augustin is not a high-profile guard. This means Evan Fournier needs to do more for the Orlando Magic. I know he is a 3 and D guy but he is also the second-best scoring option for the Magic. Fournier’s highest assist mark last season is five in which he got ten times and the closest moment he could have had a double-double was on October 20, 2017 when he recorded 22 points and nine rebounds against the Brooklyn Nets.





In each of his four seasons, Harris improved on his scoring. From 3.9 in his rookie year, Harris went to 17.5 last season. This is a great boost as guys who had a similar pattern like Joe Dumars and Denver great Alex English went on to have Hall of Fame careers. However in his entire time in the NBA, Gary Harris has yet to net a double-double. Harris came close on December 12, 2017 against the Detroit Pistons but by having six rebounds and nine assists, the Nuggets guard could only muster eight points. Perhaps he could ask Nikola Jokic to ease down on the DDs?  





Ben Simmons is the right Rookie of the Year winner but if look at the bumper crop of newbies from the 2017 NBA Draft, then Donovan Mitchell is the one that reigns supreme. With that said, the Utah Jazz combo guard was unable to connect on a double-double. Mitchell had two games when he was a rebound shy of the feat and on December 15, 2017 was an assist short. With that said, Mitchell came through in the playoffs – recording three double-doubles and two almost double-doubles. Hopefully he gets rejects the dreaded “sophomore slump” from his system because this dude is exciting to watch.  








And finally! The incoming San Antonio Spur played in 80 games last season. With his durability as well as his ability to score, it makes DeRozan a threat to go in your fantasy draft’s Top 30. But DD doesn’t come easy for DD. He almost had a double-double on November 15, 2017 and had two instances in which he just missed the mark by two rebounds. It’s even unfortunate as far as assists go – with Derozan almost claiming a double-double on December 10, 2017 and connected with eight dimes in 14 games. If you combine his last two seasons, DeRozan is only good for eight double-doubles… and Jonas Valanciunas had 26 last season. 


Maybe a change of scenery would help?




So this is my list. As mentioned, I will do a “zero triples” list. If you have opinions or violent reactions, why don’t you drop a bunch of words in the comments section.


Get Sydrified.





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