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August 22, 2018



Unlike other peeps, I don’t really care about the “ring” design. The rings have been an iconic symbol of the Olympic Games and technically, the SEA Games is a small-scale version of the event.


I guess the minor qualm I have with the design is its execution. In the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, the mascot is a blue blob with the rings in its eyes and ass. It was the first time a mascot wasn’t derived on an animal or a national emblem and the sperm-like character was panned by everyone.


I have an Izzy stuff toy (the name of the mascot) in my parents’ house back when my dad was sent to cover the games for PTV-4. And since I am Pinoy, for the longest time it was covered in plastic so it wouldn’t get dirt.





Anyway, here’s the MAJOR qualm.




When I saw the design, I thought:


  1. Why is the big circle in the Visayas part when the games are going to be played in Clark?

  2. What will be their mascot? 



Wait… I said this already.


Because here’s the thing – granted the host country gets the biggest circle… then how will the organizers explain the rest of the circles? There are eleven rings so it feels as if it was created to REPRESENT the ELEVEN SOUTHEAST ASIAN COUNTRIES.





So the next biggest ring is Thailand while the third largest ring is Singapore. I am not saying this is true but if you’re a Singaporean, you probably hate what I have written.


Simple things like a logo design kind of kick start wars.


We hate it when Jeff Horn got the hometown treatment against Manny Pacquiao so imagine at the very least four or five major Southeast Asian countries getting pissed from the logo. 


And while yeah, we can sit each country for a quick lecture. But why would the organizers subject their selves to this shitty ordeal?


If you check out the actual SEA Games logo, it has eleven gold rings of equal size.


It is simple.


It is also politically correct.  


It won't start a f'n war. 





So the official logo will be released on the last day of November this year. So there. There have been a couple of unofficial logos like the Philippine Eagle and the one based on the parol (because Pampanga is the Parol Capital of the Philippines). As far as rationale, the Christmas lantern is a better symbol than a logo that resembles a bunch of scattered rubber bands on a table.





The last time the country hosted was in 2005. I was doing promo writing work for ABC-5 at that time and I remember using Rivermaya’s Posible to the core because it was such an awesome song. Also, I hate myself for not getting a copy of my SEA Games works. Anyway, the logo back then resembled a MassKara Festival mask. The logo is a Philippine eagle called Gilas – and yeah, it sort of resembles the current Gilas Pilipinas logo. The 1991 SEA Games’ logo is a vinta and the mascot is a cock.


So maybe we need to check out what birds are seen in Pampanga?





Japan also had a similar controversy in which their Olympic Committee was forced to redesign the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo due to plagiarism allegations.


I get that Olympic Committees are usually made up of old politicians but maybe… and this is for all the outdated peeps reading my blog… maybe the out-of-trend folks can show it to their kids or grandkids first before unveiling it to a mass of rioters?


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