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July 29, 2018



So it’s an even playing field again.


San Miguel tied the series with the momentum shifting to their favor. Now the Gins need to find a way to upstage the Beermen to thwart whatever evil ploy they are plotting. Sure, Leo Austria is loaded with weapons but it’s not like he didn’t do anything to align these individuals to his bidding.


Towards the end of the game, tempers flared with Arwind Santos and Chris Ross getting the boot for giving the referees enough reason to eject them.


I was critical with how the Asian Games pullout happened.


I hate it.


I thought we needed to have our boys to act like men.


But with the events that unfolded resulting to the ejections of Santos and Ross, I think we need to discipline our players from within.


Remember when former PBA Commissioner Chito Narvasa handed out severe penalties for petty incidents? Maybe this is one step to re-configure our players. I know, getting a 2,000-peso fine for a tucked out jersey or a 3,000-peso charge for entering the court without notifying the table officials is crappy, but back then… there were benchwarmers that veered off from pissing the commish off.


June Mar Fajardo is our model citizen when it comes to Zen-like behavior but he too acquired a technical this season for banging the ball like a madman.


I know playing with our hearts on our sleeve shows our passion but using your brain leaves little room for error.


Even if we have some sort of friendly rivalry with the Iranians, they will not take Gilas Pilipinas lightly in their home turf. I guess this is why I thought (and still think) we need to play in the Asian Games. We need to withstand the boos and find a big event to test the team’s psyche. Moreover, perhaps this is the avenue for Gilas to find the players that would provide the same gameplay but with a sounder mind.


Just look at Renaldo Balkman. In the two occurrences, he was in the middle of it – calling peace and telling his teammates as well as the opponents to back the hell down. Balkman is no stranger to unruly behaviour and you need to go to Youtube and click on the event that almost permanently banned him from entering Philippine soil. I can also give airplane disasters as comparison that in order for safer air travel, we need disasters to take place. This sucks… especially the disaster part… but it’s the sad truth. The Australia brawl was our disaster and we need steps to solve it.


And while laying low is one solution, we also need to “brainwash” our players from doing shady things. We can still be emotional but we can do this without going overboard. I know it’s a nice sight to see flying elbows and hidden hooks but playing bad boy basketball is as old as the old Ginebra bad boys’ era. And it’s not as if it doesn’t translate off the court.


In the same incident, we see Christian Standhardinger pacifying a ticked off Kevin Ferrer. We also saw Scottie Thompson feeling the effects of Santos’ blow but is merely clutching his face than instigating a riot.


With their mentality, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see these players going after the spots of their long-suspended counterparts.


While I like to see the regular Gilas crew learn from their mistakes, there’s this adage “old habits, die hard”… and I guess we are one incident away from getting the shaft?   


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