Issuing a Statement on my Statement Shirts

July 24, 2018




I still need to “rehabilitate” my cabinet.


I bought a lot of statement shirts to discover that I have only four “serious” shirts.


This is cute and all but I’m kind of waning on the whole statement shirts vibe. I used to dig it to troll people but these past few years… it’s more of an obligation than serving its initial purpose.


I also discovered that Megamall has sucky sizes. I am not bashing all boutiques but… why sell a XXL short sleeved shirt if it’s going to be slim fit? It’s as dumb of a concept as skinny jeans for fat people. So if I can’t find the proper awesome armor to uhurm… “prettify” my awesomeness (I am writing this like I’m The Ultimate Warrior), then I must embark on a journey.


It’s been a while since I went and raided the safe haven known to many as SM Carriedo.


To be continued.




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