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July 23, 2018



I am going to do a quick bash on something I saw on TV.


Now I know, they have the right to spend their money because well… it’s their money.


But I just can’t help it.


Here goes.


After watching the clincher of the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel versus Rain or Shine Elasto Painters semifinal series, I caught glimpse of Sportscenter.


Again, I am sorry and I know it’s not my business but… this is not the first time Channel 5 had the X-Games. I was an ABC-5 promo writer back in the mid-2000s and we also had a tie-up with ESPN. The channel will air content and I was privileged to do promo work.


Now once upon a time, I had proof… but I can’t find the rewrite-able CD I placed it in. 


Rewrite-able CD... Haha LOLZ.  


Anyway, the difference between then and now is that back then, the on-air content was canned. I would often wonder on how cheap the ESPN package was because the X-Games as well as snooker, LPGA golf, figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, and table tennis never really fared well in the ratings. For starters, you can get better content in the main cable channels and it’s not like most non-cable citizens have the interest to follow BMX riders, snowboarders, and even skateboarders.


I mean, the only skateboarder I know active nowadays is Tony Hawk… and I just googled that Hawk is already 50 years old!


I think the only canned sports program that kind of drew is billiards… especially if it features the likes of Efren Reyes, Django Bustamante, and even Alex Pagulayan and Dennis Orcullo.


So why do you need to send a guy like Aaron Atayde to the X-Games? Perhaps I am speaking too soon but if there is one thing they need to do is to re-ignite the people’s interest in billiards. Maybe ESPN had the X-Games as the freebie to the billiards main course. There was a time when we were anticipating for the World 9-Ball Championship. At the moment, there has been a World 8-Ball and World 10-Ball tourney that needs serious media coverage and this could alternate with the tagalized series.


And notice I didn’t say that they need to strike out Tagalog Flash and Supernatural? Because those shows are surprise raters.


Another sport we need to check out is the World Series of Poker. I know some of you don’t treat this game as a sport but there was also a time when Texas Hold ‘Em became popular. Give board games a chance as well. There are games like Secret Hitler, Coup, Resistance, and other bluffing games that could serve as good fillers (someone needs to take a huge chunk of time bleeping all the curses though).


And I guess if you want local competitive content, perhaps ESPN5 could hold a nationwide Spelling Bee tourney. I know for a fact that ESPN follows these kinds of games and it give the network a semblance of a kid-friendly block.


Hell, maybe it’s time to prominently feature E-Games. Mobile Legends is prominently featured during PBA games and I guess it’s time for a network to feature a live Manila Major on free TV. They are already doing it with the NBA!


Not X-Games though. I can’t see normal people executing acid drops on pavements and doing stunts on their bikes. If free running can’t catch a break in the Philippines… then how about dangerous sports with expensive equipment? I am not hating on the sport but it's too niche for people to give a damn. 


Get Sydrified.





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