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July 13, 2018



It would have been awesome if Isaiah Thomas would join Rajon Rondo in their quest to upstage that huge tirade target that is Lonzo Ball.


But hey, I guess this is better… for Lebron James and the rest of the Los Angeles Lakers.


Unpopular and perceived as a locker room cancer, Thomas signed a paltry two million, one-year deal with the Denver Nuggets – 4.3 million fewer than what Wayne Ellington accepted when he re-signed with Miami. Two years removed from being the Boston Celtics’ savior, the one-time MVP candidate is nearing 30 with a shitty chance to score a multi-million contract.


But I am not here to ruin IT4. As a Boston fan, I remember his contributions. Signing that deal must suck for Thomas but it’s not like he didn’t deserve it. If he didn’t burned Kevin Love, they might be the Mutt and Jeff combo of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In some ways, why is it that people aren’t jumping to the franchise that Lebron James once cultivated. Sure, this team is not a championship contender but they still have the tools for a playoff run. Teams like Milwaukee, Detroit, and even Chicago for that matter have won titles during their heyday but not in recent memory. Championship tradition is passed on and perhaps with the likes of Love, Tristan Thompson, and hell… even JR Smith in the mix, they can propel a James-less “Whatever It Takes” city.


But back to Thomas. I guess he’s out to play sixth man for the Nuggets and I bet he is setting his sights to coral the starting slots held by Jamal Murray, Will Barton, and Gary Harris. If there’s a team in playoff contention whose star players are interchangeable, then look no further.


But then here’s the thing – a two-million deal is also an easy pick.


So Thomas is in a situation wherein he needs to not suck and at the same time “suck” to the point of not upstaging Murray, Barton, and Harris. Denver happily got rid of Emmanuel Mudiay to center their combo guard spots for these guys.


And as far as top newcomer goes, Michael Porter is the consensus choice as the draft’s biggest steal.


In other words, Denver is only a pit stop for Thomas hopefully he recovers as quickly as possible because a trip to these Chinese Basketball Association could be in the works.


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