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July 7, 2018






So after 17 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker has signed with the Charlotte Hornets for a respectable 10 million in two years. The move reunites the Frenchman with the now-Charlotte coach and former San Antonio assistant James Borrego. I guess this is also a move to “soften” the blow that would happen once they dealt Kemba Walker for a couple of talents.


But… what the hell?


I guess in some ways, Parker lost the grace of the storied franchise a couple of years back when he had an affair with Brent Barry’s wife? Well, that happened ages ago and Parker has since re-married and now is doing daddy duties alongside French journalist Axelle Francine. Back then though, the San Antonio organization was dead set to make Parker pay for this.


And I guess this is why I brought this up. Through the years, Parker’s minutes have decreased and this season, he lost his starting job to Dejounte Murray. Injuries may have slowed him down but he is treated like a championship token than an asset for some time now. In the PBA, he’s Mark Caguioa. In a somewhat good team, The Spark can still play respectable minutes but because this is Tim Cone’s team now, he is just out there… looking to hit the 10,000-points marker… to finish his career with Barangay Ginebra.


Oh yeah, San Antonio may have let him walk because he also had issues with Kawhi Leonard. They pretty much have the same injury and Parker once told everyone that Kawhi’s injury isn’t that grave… even if he missed countless games due to his problems.


Parker is 36 years old… with an injury history… and he’s still hungry for recognition. It’s a bad mix in my perspective. This is probably his last team and doesn’t like the fact that he had a single digit season. The only way he can re-assert himself to the mix is if Kemba goes to another team and unless Michael Jordan wants to rebuild again, I don’t if that is in the cards.   


Anyway, Parker is a sure Hall of Famer with his jersey joining the likes of David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Murray will have the PG spot all by his lonesome without the old guard breathing on his back.


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