Thoughts | Lebron James is Now a Laker

July 2, 2018



Lebron James made this move quick and painless and to the surprise of no one, Magic Johnson delivered in clutch.


After the Golden State Warriors made quick work of his Cleveland Cavaliers (then), the somewhat consensus greatest player of all-time signed a 154-million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.


I guess the Eastern Conference will have a new finals contender. Cleveland may have been angry during the 2010 Decision but 2018 is a different story. With the way James played last season, they should respect his efforts. He played all of Cleveland’s games and pushed his teammates to championship glory whether they liked it or not. And perhaps that caused a dead-end as far as incoming talent goes. The roster difference between Game One and Game 82 was glaring. The midseason bickering between players and management nearly ruined their postseason. 


Kevin Love and Tyronn Lue suffered depression last season. And then, Tristan Thompson hooked up with a Kardashian. The young core Lebron had when the team traded away Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, and Isaiah Thomas showed their inexperience in the postseason. Let's not forget how Collin Sexton is going to "lead" James a season or so after witnessing Kyrie Irving go to Boston Celtics.


The only way James could "Pied Piper" the all-stars is if he moves out of Cleveland to flourish in a brand new environment. 


So I guess Isaiah Thomas will not be a Laker next season?   


Maybe Lebron knows what we don’t. The point I want to stress is that Lebron James has played the last game of each of the league’s last eight seasons. Perhaps the NBA is dropping the whole East versus West playoff thingy to have the two best teams slug it out in an epic showdown!


If it’s not the case, then I think Lebron is nuts to believe that he could lead the Lake Show past the Warriors, Houston Rockets, Oklahoma City Thunder, and whatever roster the San Antonio Spurs is going to parade. But like I said, maybe Lebron knows something we don’t.   


Glenn Robinson signed with the Detroit Pistons for under 9 million!!!




Get Sydrified.



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