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June 25, 2018



With a go-ahead dunk in GlobalPort’s one-sided affair with Columbian Dyip, Stanley Pringle became the first PBA player since Asi Taulava to hit 50 or more points in a PBA game.


You know what? A couple of more free throws, a few more outside shots, and if this was the 90s… getting a freebie because some dude forgot to get out of the shaded area resulting to the illegal defense rule, could have been keys for Pringle to nail 10 more points.


But while yeah, scoring five dozen points is overrated… because if it’s that awesome, then the two guys on this list should have been in the 40 Greatest PBA Players list. Four-time MVPs Ramon Fernandez, Alvin Patrimonio, and June Mar Fajardo (for now) never scored in the 50s but it may have helped Benjie Paras and Atoy Co collected their MVP plums.


Anyway, here are the five players who scored 60 points and more. Almost making the list are Ricardo Brown and Allan Caidic with 57 points and Jun Papa with 55. 


Game starts now. 





November 21, 1991

79 points (17 triples)


So let’s start things off with the record we know the most. The Triggerman’s wife just gave birth and it was a great time in the Caidic household. So what did Caidic do to celebrate this momentous occasion? He basically ruined the night of Robert Jaworski and the rest of the Ginebra faithful. 51 of his 79 points were detonated from the rainbow territory and this record still stands to this day. Aside from total points and total triples in one game, Caidic also had 53 points in one half with a 74 percent shooting clip. Tivoli prevailed over the Gins, 162 to 149. His 79 points is tied for eleventh all-time but without Tony Harris and the other imports, his total output tops the list. 




April 26, 1990

71 points (0 triples)


Long before Mr. Excitement became the fruit of jokes for his never-ending off-court struggles, Paul Alvarez basically kickstarted Alaska’s championship movement. Sure, when I mean “kickstarted”, I meant Alvarez was traded to Sta. Lucia for Bong Hawkins, who was one of the vital cogs in the 1996 Alaska Grand Slam. But still, 71 points is a feat worthy of praise. Alvarez did this as the Alaska Air Force destroyed the Shell Zoom Masters, 169 to 138. Just imagine if Alvarez never asked for a trade and played beautiful music with Tim Cone? Anyway, in only his second season, he laid waste of Caidic’s four-month old scoring record and did this without the help of the three-point line.




November 2, 1989

68 points (15 triples)


I should have made this blog from lowest to highest. And I am sorry, because the entries feel as if you’re reading a Japanese manga… from the end part of the comic to its start. Haha. As mentioned in the Alvarez entry, Caidic went nuts during All Souls’ Day by hitting 15 treys en route to 68 markers. Sure this feat got overshadowed by his 79 points… but the achievement destroyed the all-time record set by the next two guys on this list. He also did this against the Alaska Air Force and at this point, Paul Alvarez is still in his rookie year. So just imagine the talk Alvarez and Caidic had when they shared the offense spotlight as part of the San Miguel Beermen during the mid-90s.




November 5, 1977

64 points (0 triples)


Danny Florencio is a scoring juggernaut… as if you didn’t know that. Playing for the Seven-Up Uncolas, the former UST Glowing Goldie waxed hot amassing 64 points of 60 percent shooting and totally humiliating the bodies tasked to contain him. Thing is though, Florencio was unstoppable… but the Toyota Tamaraws dominated the Uncolas to the tune of 136 to 121.




November 30, 1980

64 points (0 triples)


For one UST Glowing Goldie to another, it’s insane to know that Adornado never scored 50 points in a game during his time with the Crispa Redmanizers. As part of U-Tex however, he had the feat four times. The original Comeback Cat (a name coined for the UST Growling Tigers a few years back) unleashed 64 points and 12 rebounds against the San Miguel Beermen during the 1981 PBA Invitational Cup. Now I don’t know what’s more shocking – Adornado scoring 64 points a couple of months after a supposed career-ending injury or hustling for 12 boards. He also made the Mythical First Team of that season – a slap in the face to his old Crispa squad who unceremoniously released him for 100,000 pesos.




June 21, 1979

60 points (0 triples)


Finally, we all know Abe King as The Chairman of the Board. With that said, who the hell knew that Abe King is this big of an offensive beast? And he did this playing alongside Ramon Fernandez, Sonny Jaworski, Francis Arnaiz, Estoy Estrada, Danny Florencio, and Arnie Tuadles. Well… Fernandez, Florencio, and Arnaiz were injured… and Jaworski and Tuadles combined for seven points so guess that is why King got the bulk of the points. Also, Toyota played with only eight players and Crispa manhandled Toyota to the tune of 172 to 142. Still, 60 points is still 60 points. And in some ways, King won his duel with Atoy Co, 60 to 50. Sure, The Fortune Cookie won the MVP award that season but King is one of five locals to finish a PBA game with 60 or more points.





Allan Caidic had two appearances on this list. With that said, he is the only player in this list to nail a triple. Not his fault though. I mean… a player’s confidence to hit triples makes a career – especially if you check out the current basketball landscape.


Caidic is also the only on this list that didn’t came from a “saint” college.




Pringle’s 50-point game broke a 14-year record. It has been almost 27 years since the league saw a 60-point game though. Who will be the next player to go to this list?


Get Sydrified.


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