Loyalty Swap | Jeff Chan and Julian Sargent go to Ginebra

June 21, 2018



So I am going to do a blog with a 15-minute time limit.


This is a way for me to combat procrastination as well as to have a head-to-head battle with the dreaded writer’s block. I need to respond better in crunch time scenarios and creating these rapid fire blogs is a neat exercise.


Oh shit, I just wasted five minutes.


So let me speak about the trade between Julian Sargent and Paolo Taha. I really hope Pido Jarencio gets the best out of Taha because Sargent is a diamond in the rough while Taha has been third-string combo guard for some time now. Perhaps he’s going to use the former Benilde standout to team up with former running buddy Jonathan Grey but like the former Perpetual Help duo of Juneric Baloria and Harold Arboleda, just because two college teammates are in one squad, doesn’t mean they’ll turn the world around.


I see more potential with Sargent and he’s going to lose a lot of minutes playing behind LA Tenorio, Scottie Thompson, Solomon Mercado, Kevin Ferrer, Aljon Mariano, Mark Caguioa, and recent acquisition Jeff Chan. And what if Arthur dela Cruz gets cleared? There is more harm than good for Sargent in this loyalty swap.


Now I didn’t say Jett Manuel because as far as rookie seasons go, Sargent has the edge over the Gin-gineer. But then, Chan was swapped for a player on paper. Ginebra swapped a late first rounder to an established veteran. It’s hard to fault Phoenix for the trade because it’s basically a salary dump and Chan needs to go in order for Matthew Wright to further blossom but I can't see the Phoenix pick as anything but a low-rated asset because it's not like Justin Brownlee would stink up the joint in Ginebra's Governors' Cup title retention. 


Good news to Ginebra fans as well as for some Phoenix fans but bad news for the Ginebra rookies.


I guess to end this article, I hope Phoenix knows better with having the right mindset in this decision. The last thing they should be in the current PBA landscape is to become a conduit just like every team that came from that genealogy. Man, if that old Tanduay spot is a tangible figure, I would have asked a priest to bless it because it feels like they easily fall into temptation.


Hey I still have two minutes to go.


But I should stop now.


Get Sydrified.



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