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May 14, 2018



I am not getting any younger.


I am 36 years old and for the first time in a looooong time… I can’t figure out what to write.


But maybe I’m wiser now.




So MPBL Commish Kenneth Duremdes is instilling a rule that says teams with monikers such as Bulacan Kuyas, Valenzuela Classic, Imus Bandera, and looking ahead… Marikina Shoemasters, Zamboanga Valientes, and uhurm… Rizal Ankle Breakers… should only have one Fil-Am player on their roster.


Furthermore, said Fil-Am must be listed as 6-feet-4 and less… much to the chagrin of a bunch of folks.


But here’s the thing – I agree with Duremdes.


Let’s say we want to view the Wiki page of 2018 Anta Rajah Cup champions, the Batangas Athletics (GO BATANGAS). We check out their roster and then we see the names of Val Acuna, Lester Alvarez, Dennice Villamor, and Julius Pasculado.


Okay… just Google “Julius Pasculado sydrified” and check out the results.




I doubt if these guys were able to play a combined 100 games in the PBA. Okay so I may be wrong with Acuna but I am pretty sure that the latter three combined for less than 50 games with Pasculado playing only a game. It’s even worse as far as the other teams are concerned. There is a reason why Gary David is shooting more than 50 percent of his team’s shots.


I guess Bobby Ray Parks and Lawrence Domingo are pissed as hell that they will not be teammates but I guess they could settle as primary go-to-guys playing in different squads as consolation? Manny Pacquiao created the league to develop players and at the same time give unemployed ballers a chance to earn from the sport they love. Parks and Domingo will use this experience to condition their selves for the jump but the others will use this to potentially earn a roster spot in the PBA. Paul Zamar had to earn his stripes as a Mono Vampire among other things and I thought he was PBA-ready when he applied in 2012. I had the pleasure of watching old school PABL ballers like Jerome Cueto and Felix Duhig with the hopes of seeing them strut their wares in the PBA. I was happily amused when I saw Aldrin “Albars” Barola, Joel Gaspar, Nestor Echano, and Henry F’N Ong go insane in the MBA. Players like Alwyn Espiritu, Eugene Tan, Ralph Rivera, and Dave Bautista should have seen action in the PBA because when given the chance, they would rise from the challenge.


And I guess this is what Pacquiao and Duremdes want to impart. Their vision is to give down and out individuals a chance in the spotlight. Chester Tolomia and Sunday Salvacion have careers here! This is the place where a near-40 something player that is overweight and has financial issues could earn some sort of income.


Remember Charley Caluya-the 40-something guard who applied for the PBA Draft way back when?




And what about the owners? Sure, Batangas is sponsored by Tanduay and Bataan is sponsored by SCTEX but what about the teams whose main sponsors consist of catering services, resorts, and construction outfits? Will this be another league in which the small-town businesses are getting ransacked by the big corporations?  


The PBA has a five Fil-Am rule. The MBA treats foreigners as Filipinos if they are born in the Philippines. Hell, the PBA D-League even has an age limit! Each league has its own set of rules. If they think the MPBL rule is crazy, then they should join the D-League. In return, the D-League must change its rules to accommodate the Fil-Ams.


And perhaps ask Sports5 to give them a timeslot.


I would rather watch a D-League game in the afternoon than catch golf, snooker, or hell… American football for that matter.


I guess the names calling this rule as a sham are dirt-poor at the moment? Oh hell no. These players were blue chippers even before they debuted in the PBA. These “haters” refrain from playing in barangay leagues because they are also discriminated by barangay-level players.  


But more than calling Captain Marbel “racist”, maybe he deserves another name.


Maybe the former PBA MVP thinks this band of “has-beens” and “never-weres” would wilt and crumble at the sight of a second generation, former ABL MVP, whose basketball career is almost as stellar as that of his father.


Or maybe these rejects are too scared to start a shooting contest with these conditioned players?


Hell, maybe these players are scared to see a group of PBA Mythical Teamers in one team! Roger Yap is playing alongside Joseph Yeo for the soon-to-debut Manila Stars alongside ex-pros Reil Cervantes and Marcy Arellano.


As for the size issue, a mid-30-something Mark Andaya dominated the league as part of the Valenzuela Classic despite juggling acting commitments and the PBA D-League! If he’s already a handful, then what about a 6-foot-6 player that would make easy work on these players?


We laugh like hell whenever we see Kia/Mahindra/Columbian parade frequently-outclassed no-namers but now that they have their own space they want to invade it just what happened in the PBA during the Fil-Am invasion?


Just let the homegrown players have this and let the Fil-Ams have the D-League.


Get Sydrified.




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