Cobra Kai | The First Two Awesome Episodes!!!

May 5, 2018



Oh yeah.


I finally have MS Office in my laptop again.


Finally I can veer away from Wordpad… or why I should buy overly-expensive MS Office 2016!


Okay I have a 2007 version installed.


At least this is for keeps… I hope.


Oh and I almost forgot.


COBRA KAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 









I don’t know much about The Karate Kid. I have seen KK2, KK3, the one with Hillary Swank… and that thing where Jackie Chan is teaching Jaden Smith Kung F’N Fu… but never Part 1.


I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because the local channels didn’t Tagalized it as much? I have seen Mr. Miyagi go to Japan and reconnect with his roots but never the “wax in, wax out” part.


This is why I find Johnny Lawrence awesome. I can’t picture him as the dude that embarrassed Daniel LaRusso in their first outing but I can see him as Cheng – the school bully from the Kung Fu version. Yes, I know this is trashy but… that is basically how this franchise worked. The bully gets his due in the end with the mentor and his pupil getting props.


But let’s get back at Cheng. The dude is badass and his merciless offense makes you want to beat him with a stick. But in the end, you can see that even his badassery, he knows when to admit defeat and respect his adversary. It’s the same thing with Johnny… but the events of the past messed with his present.


Be in politics, history, philosophy, etcetera… there are two sides to every story. Who are we to judge that one side is wrong if you don’t put yourself in said shoes? Johnny stepped in to save his car (not the kid) – the only remaining good from the era that destroyed his life. Same car served as portal to re-introducing Johnny to his archenemy.


I love how Daniel LaRusso had everything in the world but for some reason, his being has lost its meaning. This is where Cobra Kai steps in – forcing their rivalry to re-ignite. All of a sudden, we root for the misunderstood Johnny because even if we acknowledge the noble intentions of Daniel, the former is now the underdog of the situation. It’s like Bret Hart versus DX Shawn Michaels – Bret might be saving the people… but HBK is cooler!  


I am trying to fight my inner self from subscribing to YouTube Red because unlike Netflix, Red’s library of hits isn’t all that great (and it’s not available in my country so this destroys this sentence).


But hey, maybe you can hit me off with your friend that could bootleg the episodes for me?




Just kidding.




But yeah, I want to see the next episode of Cobra Kai.


Get Sydrified.


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